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Message from the Chancellor

Masatake Naito, Chancellor of Gakushuin

The merits of Gakushuin

Gakushuin has a long history and rich traditions that date back 170 years. By drawing on this long history, while coping with the rapid changes taking place in today’s world, Gakushuin aims to provide high-quality educational programs that incorporate new perspectives.
Gakushuin’s students, schoolchildren and kindergarten pupils enjoy a relaxed and friendly school life. Energetic and attentive to detail, they know how to distinguish what is important, and act accordingly. In addition, they never betray others, or hurt people’s feelings, and always think about themselves from other people’s perspectives.
The philosopher Yoshishige Abe, who served as Gakushuin Chancellor sixty years ago, constantly told his pupils, from kindergarten to university level, to be honest and never to tell lies. By so doing, they will be cherished by their friends and acquaintances. They will try to serve as leaders in the communities they join when they graduate from Gakushuin and go out into the world.

Our green campuses

Gakushuin’s campuses have many green spaces. Gakushuin University, Gakushuin Boys’ Senior and Junior High Schools, and Gakushuin Kindergarten are all located on the Mejiro campus, a 30-second walk from Mejiro Station on the Yamanote Line. Located in the central Toshima ward of Tokyo, the Mejiro campus is nevertheless full of fresh air and greenery. In fact, Gakushuin’s Mejiro campus is said to contain a third of all the trees in Toshima ward.
Gakushuin Women’s College, and Gakushuin Girls’ Senior and Junior High Schools are located in Toyama, in Shinjuku ward. Our Toyama campus is famous for its beautiful cherry blossoms. Gakushuin Primary School is located in Yotsuya, close to the grounds of the Akasaka Palace. Each of these campuses – Mejiro, Toyama and Yotsuya – provides a high quality educational environment, and since they are all located inside the Yamanote Line loop in central Tokyo, they are also easily accessible.

Culture and sports

Gakushuin students enjoy school life through research, study sessions and high-quality classes provided by top professors. Extracurricular activities also provide students with skills and training that will be of value to them as they grow older. In addition, they are able to enjoy themselves through participation in lively club activities.
Our university alumni include a lot of cultural figures, such as tea ceremony masters, flower arrangement masters, member of famous Kabuki, Noh, and Kyogen families, classical music conductors, pianists, film directors, and authors. A recent graduate, marathon runner Yuki Kawauchi, has set himself the target of participating in the next Olympic Games.
I wholeheartedly recommend that you all join some interesting clubs, enjoy their activities, and make a lot of friends here at Gakushuin. A bright future awaits you!

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