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Chancellor’s Profile

Gakushuin Chancellor’s Profile


Masatake Naito

Date of birth:

March 31, 1938

Personal history

March 1960 Graduated from Departments of Economics, Faculty of Politics and Economics, Gakushuin University
March 1960 Entered Daiwa Securities Co., Ltd (until March 1963)
April 1963 Entered Odakyu Department Store Co., Ltd
June 1990 Councillor, Gakushuin School Corporation (until March 2001)
May 1991 Director, Chief of Nishi-Shinjuku Development Office and Accounting Manager, Odakyu Department Store Co. Ltd (until May 1995)
May 1991 Councillor, Gakushuin Oyu-kai (Alumni Association) (until May 1999)
Nov 1992 Trustee, Gakushuin School Corporation (until March 2001)
May 1995 Vice-chairman, Gakushuin Parents’ Association (until May 1999)
May 1995 Executive Managing Director, General Manager of Corporate Planning Department, Odakyu Department Store Co., Ltd (until May 1997)
May 1997 President & CEO, Odakyu Planet Co., Ltd. (until May 1999)
May 1999 Chairman, Gakushuin Parents’ Association (until May 2001)
July 1999 Chairman & CEO, Rising Sun Security Service Co., Ltd (until Sep. 2013)
May 2001 Trustee, Gakushuin Oyu-kai (Alumni Association) (until Sep. 2002)
Nov 2001 Chairman of Alumni of Faculty of Economics, Gakushuin University (April 2014, Honorary Chairman)
June 2002 Councillor, Gakushuin School Corporation (until Sep. 2002)
Sep 2002 Executive Director, Gakushuin School Corporation (until Sep. 30, 2011)
March 2006 Deputy Chancellor/President, Gakushuin School Corporation (until May 2006)
Nov 2012 Executive Director, Kasumi Kaikan (incumbent)
Oct 2013 Special Advisor, Rising Sun Security Service Co., Ltd. (incumbent)
May 2014 Councillor, Gakushuin School Corporation (incumbent)

Social activities

June 2002 Vice-President, Japan Hockey Association (until June 2013)
April 2003 Auditor, Japanese Olympic Committee (until March 2009)
May 2008 Director, Japan Sportsman Club (incumbent)
April 2009 Honorary Committee Member, Japanese Olympic Committee (incumbent)


Oct 2006 Gakushuin Distinguished Service Award
Nov 2011 The Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Rosette

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