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Overview of the Faculty of Economics

Gakushuin University has a long history stretching back to 1847, but the Faculty of Economics was established in the form of a separation from the originally existing Faculty of Politics and Economics in 1964, the year the Tokyo Olympics were held.

The very high quality of the professors can be raised as the first great characteristic of the Faculty of Economics. Apart from there being a lot of frontline researchers who lead academic societies both in Japan and overseas, there are large numbers of researchers involved in policy management by serving as members of state and local authority committees, etc., and researchers with great powers to communicate to society through the mass media and publications. Students are able to be greatly influenced by the professors active in academic societies and real society in this way, not only in terms of expert knowledge, but also in ways of thinking and philosophies that will be useful in later life.

The second characteristic is that small group education is implemented thoroughly. The Faculty of Economics has two departments, the Department of Economics and the Department of Management. The fixed number of students enrolled each year is small at 250 people in each department and a careful curriculum has been put together that allows students to receive expert education from their first year. This is unusual for a private university, which tend towards large scale education. A lot of courses are also small scale and students are able to receive finely detailed education in small numbers in seminars too.

The third characteristic is that various educational environments are prepared, suitable for students leading an impressionable student life. The university has enhanced the information education environment including the Law and Economics Library, which boasts an overwhelming collection, and PCs, etc., as well as systems that support language education and study overseas. In addition, the presence of staff who provide detailed support in education, mediating between students and faculty members in joint research rooms, is also a great characteristic.


Departments Department of Economics, Department of Management
Faculty Established Faculty of Politics and Economics founded in 1952 / Faculty of Economics made independent in 1964
Graduate School Established Economics graduate course established in 1979 / Management graduate course established in 1978
Major Publications Gakushuin Economic Papers
Gakushuin Economic Annual Research Institute Report
Gakushuin Graduate Schools of Economics and Management Theses Collection

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