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Students learn advanced economic theories and analytical methods.

Students learn advanced economic theories and analytical methods.

The department puts that into practice based on the acquisition of economic theory and seminars with small student numbers. Moreover, the department aims for the cultivation of well-balanced economists through fostering sophisticated information processing capabilities and rich internationalism.

Educational  Policy

In the Department of Economics, we aim for students to acquire expert knowledge and develop powers of analysis and application with regard to how economic theories are effective for understanding numerous economic problems correctly and what kinds of measures can be taken to solve them, as well as what policies can be applied to future problems by learning the history of economic development both in Japan and overseas.

It can be said that there are an extremely large number of issues which are required solutions from economic perspectives in contemporary society, including recession and the difficulty of finding a job, the ageing of the population and social welfare, environmental problems, international economic friction, foreign aid, inflation and deflation, budget deficits, fluctuations in share prices and yen rates, and regulatory relaxation and the promotion of competition, etc.

Trends in the Japanese economy are not restricted to talk only of Japan. The country exerts a great impact on all countries developed and developing around the world in accordance with the large influence it has internationally. The role that Japan should play in order to contribute to the development and stability of the global economy is extremely large. Conversely, global movements influence the Japanese economy.

Economics is a discipline that is closely related to these kinds of wide-ranging economic and social issues and must contribute to the development of society keeping in line with it and looking toward the future.

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