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RTISCHEV, Dimitry Professor

Strategic Behaviour, Ventures and Entrepreneurs


Ph.D. Economics, University of California at Berkeley (2000)
M.S. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1989)
B.S. Electrical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1989)
B.S. Computer Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1989)

Faculty of Economics, Gakushuin University (2004 - Present)
Venture management, technology management, engineering, USA (1989-2003)



Research Fields

Strategic Behavior, Ventures and Entrepreneurship


PDF files available here
“A strategic behavior analysis of why ventures are risky for young people in Japan but not in Silicon Valley” Journal of Japanese and International Economies, 44, 2017
“Labor-Leisure Choice and Relative Income Concerns in the Shadow of the Housing Market” Journal of Economic Issues (forthcoming)
“Evolution of Mindsight and Psychological Commitment among Strategically Interacting Agents” Games, 7(3):27, September 2016
“How the Sunk Costs of Incumbents Make Entrants Important for Innovation: A Model and Implications for Policy” Gakushuin Economic Papers 52:4, January 2016
“Strategic commitment to pursue a goal other than profit in a Cournot duopoly” Gakushuin Economic Papers, 49:2, July 2012
“Evolution of vulnerability to pain in interpersonal relations as a strategic trait aiding cooperation” Journal of Evolutionary Economics, 21:5, 2011
“Licensing of a lower-cost production process to an asymmetric Cournot duopoly” Gakushuin Economic Papers, 45:4, January 2009
“Risk-bearing in a winner-take-all contest” Gakushuin Economic Papers, 45:1, April 2008
“Virtual Economies” Hitotsubashi Business Review, 54:4, Spring 2007 (in Japanese)
“The slippery logic of market capitalization as a measure of company value” Shukan Toyo Keizai, June 10, 2006 (in Japanese)
“Business models for digital content goods” Shukan Toyo Keizai, Nov. 27, 2004 (in Japanese)
“Social and Structural Barriers to the IT Revolution in High-Tech Industries” in Jane Bachnik, ed.,
“Roadblocks on the Information Highway: The IT Revolution in Japanese Education” (Studies of Modern Japan) Lexington Books, New York, 2003 (with R. Cole)

Professional Affiliations

Japanese Economic Association, Japan Academic Society for Ventures and Entrepreneurs

Research Topics

Analysis of strategic behavior by individuals and firms relating to
(1) economic activity arising from interpersonal competition with a focus on risk-taking, education, career, and housing
(2) socioeconomic risks faced by entrepreneurs and venture employees
(3) human evolutionary psychology

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