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SUGITA, Yoshihiro Professor

Marketing Science


Ph.D., Graduate School of Management, University of California, Los Angeles, U.S.A. (1986)
M.B.A., Graduate School of Business Administration, University of Washington, Seattle, U.S.A. (1980)
B.L., Faculty of Law, Gakushuin University (1974)



Research Fields

・Marketing data analysis, especially new product sales forecasting, brand choice models and data mining applications.
・Marketing for new product development.


①Written in Japanese, title translated to English.
“Analysis by Joint Space Maps Derived from Brand Chioce Models”, Bulletin of Nikkei Research Institute, 2012.
“The Asymmetric Moderating Effect of Brand Loyalty in Internal Reference Price Formation”(Coauthor), Gakushuin Economic Papers, 2011.
“On The Characteristics and Application of Data Mining”, The Journal of Information Science and Technology Association, 2010.
“Joint Space Analysis by A Brand Choice Model Incorporating Dynamically Changing Household Specific Ideal Points”, Gakushuin Economic Papers, 2009.
Dictionary of Marketing and Communication(Coauthor), Sendenkaigi, 2006.
Pricing Science(Coeditor and Coauthor), Dobunkan, 2005.
Product and Brand Strategy (Contemporary Marketing Strategy ①)(Coauthor), Yuhikaku, 2004.
“Interaction Effect on Consideration Set Formation”(Coauthor), Gakushuin Economic Papers, 2002.
Data Mining with Confidence (Joint Translator), Toyokeizai, 2001.
“ A Brand Choice Model Incorporating Context-Dependency and Joint Space”, Advances in Consumer Studies, 1998.
“On First Mover Advantages Caused by Consumers”, Advances in Consumer Studies, 1996.
“Marketing Science Approach and New Product Sales Forecasting”, Total Quality Management, 1995.
“A New Product Trial Purchase Model Using Disaggregate Level Data”(Coauthor), Journal of Marketing Science, 1993.
“Measuring The Effect of Advertising Using The Multinomial Logit Model”(Coauthor), Journal of Marketing Science, 1992.
“On The Interdependency of Consumer Choice”(Coauthor), Journal of Marketing Science, 1990.

②Written in English
“New Product Introduction under Uncertainty in Competitive Industries”, Managerial and Decision ?Economics, 1990.

Professional Affiliations

Japan Institute of Marketing Science
Japan Society of Marketing and Distribution
Japan Association for Consumer Studies

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