Access Map

30 seconds on foot along the Mejiro-dori from JR Mejiro Station.
Gakushuin University is a school that is near you.
To Mejiro Campus Map


Gakushuin University Kita 2-Gokan Faculty of Letters Research Wing

10F Faculty of Letters Deanfs Room ^ conference room ^Research Institute for Humanities
9F Department of English Language and Cultures
8F Department of Japanese Language and Literature
7F Department of Psychology
6F Graduate Course in Archival Science ^Graduate Course in Cultural Studies on Corporeal and Visual Representation
5F Department of French Cultural Studies
4F Department of Philosophy
3F Department of German Studies
2F Department of History
1F Entrance; Faculty of Letters library/exhibition room; Museum of History exhibition room
Basement level Faculty of Letters library (basement book storeroom)

Gakushuin University Kita 1-Gokan

2F Department of Education