Faculty of Letters

The theme of the Faculty of Letters is to explore who we are from a broad perspective through such elements as thoughts and history, literature and cultural events, and languages and psychological and educational studies.
The Faculty of Letters at Gakushuin University not only lays the groundwork for refined educational methods while also taking academic traditions into consideration to come up with step-by-step curriculums that gradually undertakes researches of applicable fields but its staff who are also leading researchers also strive to pay careful attention to each and every student so that individuals may freely select their subjects and engage in various researches.
◎Faculty of Letters’ Principle and Objectives◎
The Faculty of Letters’ principle and objectives comply with Article 1 of the university rules, i.e., “Research and instruct theories and applications of profound academics and nurture individuals who become important assets so that we may contribute to the creative development of cultures and welfare of humanity.”