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 ・The Transformation of Women: The Plays of William Butler Yeats and Their Biographical Context
 ・Peer Influences: A Study of Learning through Pairwork in English Classes
 ・An Analysis of Coordination in Terms of the Bare Phrase Structure Theory
 ・On Conversion from Nouns to Verbs and its Ralation to Qualia Structure
 ・Causative Alternation of Verbs of Change of State in English
 ・On the "Caused-Possession" Meaning in the Double Object Construction
 ・Climbing-boy Problems and Charles Lamb's Romanticism
 ・A Study of J. M. Coetzee: Ambiguity of Life and Times of Michael K
 ・A Study of Emily Dickinson: The Connection between Death and ‘Immortality’
 ・Mysterious Hamlet: Between the Insanity and the Sanity
 ・A Study of the Resultative Construction in English and Japanese
 ・Religion for Art’s Sake: Biblical and Dantesque Echoes in the Early Novels of Samuel Beckett



 ・On the Genesis of Katherine Mansfield's Art: A Comparative Study
 ・Shakespeare's Historiography in the English History Plays
 ・Seamus Heaney and the Classics