Faculty Members

Medieval Japanese History

I teach medieval Japanese history (12th to 16th centuries), specializing in the political history in the Muromachi period, particularly of decisions made personally by the Shogun. My study topics are (1) the formation process of the Shogunate political system in terms of the legal system, particularly the implementation of the Shogunate decision on lawsuits about property (shisetsu jungyo), (2) the relationship between the Imperial court and the Shogunate with Ashikaga Yoshimitsu at the top, (3) the Shogunate’s policies to counter to the strongly independent block of Mutsu, Kanto, and Kyushu, particularly the scheme to attack the Kamakura Fu, (4) the Ohnin and Bunmei Wars that broke down the national governance of the Shogunate, and (5) Hojo Sooun, who transformed himself from an aide to the Shogun into a warlord.