Faculty Members of the Department of Japanese Language and Literature

Name Title Academic Fields
AKASAKA, Norio Professor Folklore, Japanese Culture
ABE, Seiya
Professor Japanese Language, Dialectology
KANEDA, Tomoko Professor Teaching of Japanese as a Foreign Language
KANDA, Tatsumi Professor Classical and Medieval Japanese Literature
SASAKI, Takashi Professor Classical Japanese, Classical Literature Studies
SUZUKI, Kenichi Professor Modern Japanese Literature, History of Poetry
NAKAYAMA, Akihiko Professor Modern Japanese Literature
HYODO, Hiromi Professor Medieval Japanese Literature and Performing Art
MAEDA, Naoko Professor Contemporary Japanese (Grammar)
MURANO, Ryoko Professor Teaching of Japanese as a Foreign Language
YAMAMOTO, Yoshiaki Professor Modern Japanese Literature
WASHIO, Ryuichi Professor Linguistics
CHINO, Yuko Assistant Professor Classical Japanese Literature

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