Graduate School of Humanities


Moving on to Graduate School

After researching the theme you are interested in for four years, you may feel that you want to learn more and explore deeper. Or, you might want to acquire further expertise for your future career or for qualification acquisition. The graduate school is a research and education institution for people like you.
Every year, dozens of students enroll in the Graduate School of Humanities at Gakushuin University. Since it is an institution independent from the university (faculty), taking the enrollment examination is required. Although there are those who choose to study at graduate schools of other universities, there also are many students from elsewhere who enroll in Gakushuin University’s graduate school where there are leading researchers of the various fields.
The staff of the Graduate School of Humanities and Faculty of Letters are basically the same. Nevertheless, even though they teach introductory subjects in departmental classes, the lectures they conduct at the graduate school are high-leveled and more focused on their areas of specialty.

The Graduate School of Humanities is divided into respective majors. The following eleven are the one currently offered.

■Graduate Course in Philosophy(Philosophy, History of Thought)
■Graduate Course in Art History(Japanese Art History, Western Art History)
■Graduate Course in History(Japanese History, Asian History, Western History)
■Graduate Course in Japanese Language and Literature(Japanese Literature, Japanese Language Studies, Japanese Language Education)
■Graduate Course in English Language and Literature(British Literature, American Literature, English Language Studies)
■Graduate Course in German Language and Literature(German Literature, German Language Studies)
■Graduate Course in French Language and Literature(French Literature, French Language Studies)
■Graduate Course in Psychology(Psychology)
■Graduate Course in Clinical Psychology(Clinical Psychology)
■Graduate Course in Archival Science(Archival Record History)
■Graduate Course in Cultural Studies on Corporeal and Visual Representation(Representational Culture Studies, Drama, Manga/Animation Studies)

【First-Half/Second-Half Doctoral Programs】
The graduate school is comprised of the 2-year first-half doctoral program (maximum of 4 years) and the 3-year second-half doctoral program (maximum of 6 years).
In most cases, students who go all the way to the second-half doctoral program are those wishing to become expert academic researchers such as university professors. Although the enrollment limit is way lower compared to the first-half doctoral program, many researchers of great individuality have set out into the world from Gakushuin University.
On the other hand, the goals of students enrolling in the first-half doctoral program are wide-ranging and, in response, the number of enrollees has been increasing in recent years.
For instance, completing the first-half doctoral program is a must to obtain a specialized certificate of the high school teacher’s license. The same goes for the clinical psychologist’s certificate and the individual is required to graduate from a designated graduate school recognized by the qualification association. The university’s Graduate Course in Psychology was certified as a designated second class graduate school in 2002 and currently offers small-group education that is both intensive and practical. Moreover, in the case where an individual aims to become a curator and work in a museum, it is in fact essential that he/she study at a graduate school to acquire expertise that is necessary.
The above-mentioned certainly are not the only reasons for enrollment. For example, a university graduate who has already begun working may wish to become a student once again to engage in studies. As a matter of course, we warmly welcome anyone willing to be committed to conduct researches.