Faculty of Letters


Gakushuin University started as a university under the new system in 1949. Back in those days, there were only the Department of Literature and the Department of Philosophy in the Department of Government. However, after a series of changes and expansions, we currently have the following 7 departments.

Department of Philosophyy95 studentsz
Students learn philosophies underlying each and every arts and sciences. Philosophy/History of Thought-related and Aesthetic/Art History-related subjects are interlinked reciprocally.
Department of Historyy85 studentsz
Students acquire an outlook on history based on wider visions and an independent interest toward issues while also nurturing a behavior of proactive researching through highly detailed instructions.
Department of Japanese Language and Literaturey110 studentsz
Students study the Japanese culture from every angle that evolves from a long history encompassing an extensive period from ancient times to modern days. Many are also trained to become experts on Japanese language education.
Department of English Language and Culturesy115 studentsz
Reorganized as the gDepartment of English Language and Culturesh in 2008 (formerly called, gDepartment of English and American Literatureh) and promotes the type of literature/linguistic researches that go way beyond the simple scope of language studies. English is positioned as one of the means to encounter the new world of western culture. Students learn extensively from the three fields of English literature, American literature, and English language studies.
Department of German Studiesy50 studentsz
Reorganized as the gDepartment of German Studiesh in 2007 (formerly called, gDepartment of German Language and Literatureh). Three course of language/information, literature/culture, and modern regional conditions are offered along with a special program to train interpreters and translators.
Department of French Cultural Studiesy80 studentsz
Reorganized as the gDepartment dfetude des civilisations de langue francaiseh in 2007 (formerly called, gDepartment of French Language and Literatureh). The 4-course system including language, translation, stage/films, broad-area culture, and literature/thought allows students to learn extensively about various cultural events.
Department of Psychologyy90 studentsz
The universityfs own curriculum allowing students to systematically learn all about Psychology from its basics all the way to the latest knowledge nurtures competent Psychology experts who can respond to the growing needs of society.
Department of Educationy50 studentsz
Department of Education educates the hopeful elementary school teachers, who are able to teach children of future generation in corresponsive to drastic social change.
The Faculty of Lettersf respective departments value fundamental education and students are first instructed to acquire basic concept and knowledge in their study areas. Based on such basics, they are able to work on the type of research that is more specialized. Graduation thesis is a must for the majority and each student work on it by conducting research in his/her final year under the generous direction of the staff who offer personalized coaching. The curriculum of each department is organized educationally and systematically with lectures focusing on various themes and many small-group exercises/seminars. Foreign languages are certainly emphasized and students are required to learn two languages or more. So that they can cultivate themselves in a broad, general sense, students are also encouraged to freely choose and take classes of other departments that are not part of their majors or areas of specialty.

After enrollment, students may make full use of the library facilities and laboratories of the respective departments. The collection of books, etc. is extremely large and extensive. In the various facilities including the departmental laboratories are information processing equipments such as computers.