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Gakushuin’s Integrated Education

This section explains Gakushuin’s integrated education program.

School code


With the object of providing an education for all students irrespective of social status or gender, and in accordance with both the Basic Act on Education and the School Education Act, Gakushuin strives, subject to the following regulations of its affiliated schools, to provide an integrated program of education that, from kindergarten through to university, cultivates individuals of noble character and steadfast judgement; individuals who, possessed of thoughtfulness and deep awareness, are ideally equipped to contribute to the modern world.


Projects and activities


Teachers’ liaison meetings

Gakushuin’s integrated education is based upon cooperation between its constituent schools, and in order to further integrate educational content and methods, liaison meetings are held for teachers of each academic discipline, allowing for the lively exchange of opinions and information.

Subject-specific liaison meetings
Held since 1974, these meetings provide a valuable opportunity for teachers at each school, from kindergarten through to university, to meet with colleagues from outside their own departments.

Educational Affairs Section liaison meetings and Student Affairs Section liaison meetings
These are meetings for the purpose of mutual exchange of information between head teachers from Primary School through to the Boys’ and Girls’ Senior High Schools.

Teachers/instructors meetings
These are meetings are held to facilitate the mutual exchange of information between teachers from kindergarden through to the Boys' and Girls' Junior HIgh Schools.

Classes, etc.

From the point of view of integrated education, Gakushuin provides numerous opportunities for younger students to experience at first-hand practical lessons and experiments taught by professors and students of the University and Womens’ University. Through these lessons, younger pupils from the Gakushuin schools come into direct contact with university-level, cutting-edge knowledge, stimulating their intellectual curiosity.

Subject-based Credit Program (for High School students)
If a student at the Boys’ or Girls’ High School takes a lecture and earns a credit from the University or Women’s College, such a credit may be acknowledged when the student advances on to the University or Women’s College.

Lectures by University or Women’s College instructors held at the Boys’ and Girls’ High Schools

University or Women’s College lectures for occasional students from the Boys’ and Girls’ High School

Faculty of Science ‘Science Experience’ sessions
In order to show Elementary, Junior High and High School pupils how interesting science can be, the university’s Faculty of Science arranges practical demonstrations, conducted by the faculty’s professors, postgraduate researchers and undergraduate students.

Museum education by the University Museum of History
High School students in their junior year may take an elective class known as “Museum Studies”. Museum attendants offer guidance so students can learn how the museum functions through researching historical materials and data stored at the University Museum of History. The students display their research findings in mini public exhibitions.

“Eco-Science Workshop” by the Women’s College
The Women’s College students organize and hold impromptu “Eco-Science Workshops”, with the focus on environmental, dietary education, etc. for Primary School pupils, and their parents under the guidance of the Women’s College academic staff.


Events and extracurricular activities

Outside the classroom, Gakushuin provides various opportunities for pupils and students of its constituent schools, from kindergarten through to university, to meet and interact with each other socially. Interacting with senior students plays a valuable role in personality formation

“All Gakushuin Meeting”
This event is held every April to encourage friendships and joint interactions between Gakushuin alumni, our currently enrolled students, their parents/guardians and local residents living near the Gakushuin Mejiro Campus.

Kindergarten/Primary School Joint Lecture Sessions
The Kindergarten and Primary School hold joint lecture sessions for parents by inviting experts in their relevant fields.

Numazu Swimming Class
Every summer, Primary School pupils and Boys’ and Girls’ Junior High School students attempt a maximum 3,000-meter distance swimming marathon at our off-campus facilities in Numazu City, Shizuoka Prefecture.
Undergraduate students or alumni serving as volunteer instructors for their junior fellows at the Boys’ and Girls’ Senior High Schools prepare events, such as setting up stepladders or piles in the sea, teaching swimming, and providing guidance and advice on day-to-day life as their senior fellows.

Kendo Club
Undergraduate Kendo Club members visit the Primary School and the Boys’ and Girls’ Junior and Senior High Schools as coaches to demonstrate actual examples of Japanese fencing skills, sophisticated fencing actions and respectful conduct.
Current students and Kenou kai (Gakushuin Kendo Club alumni association) members participate in summer camps and midwinter training sessions.

Equestrian Team
Gakushuin has its own equestrian centre on the Mejiro Campus, which is unusual for a university located in central Tokyo. Our stable block, built in 1908 and designated a national tangible cultural asset, is home to about 10 horses. Students from the Boys’ and Girls’ High Schools, University and Women’s College work in rotation at the centre in looking after and training the horses.

Music Club
In addition to the Orchestra and Chorus of Gakushuin, which consists of University and Women’s College students, the Primary School Orchestra, Boys’ and Girls’ Junior and Senior High School Junior Orchestras, the Gakushuin OB orchestra (music club alumni orchestra) and Choral Society all participate in the “Grand Joint Concert” event held at the “All Gakushuin Meeting” every April. It is a spectacular concert involving a large body of people, and showcases the distinctive character of Gakushuin’s integrated education.


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