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Message from the Chancellor

Masatake Naito, Chancellor of Gakushuin

History & Traditions

Gakushuin traces its roots back to a place of learning called “Gakushujyo” that was established 170 years ago in Edo period Kyoto to educate the children of noble families, but it has always changed with the times to leave behind old ways and embrace new trends. Among the graduates that the university has produced are many great people who went on change Japan, and while Gakushuin is widely praised for the fact that, in line with its school code, it has continuously worked to be a school that produces people to serve both humanity and their country, henceforth it is important to see things from the perspective of contributing on a global level.

The Power of Gakushuin

Gakushuin aims to be a place of learning whose students at every level, from kindergarten to Gakushuin University and Gakushuin Women's College, are powerful. Being powerful, however, does not simply mean acting in a boisterous manner. Gakushuin is a school that hopes that even if its students are quiet and thoughtful, they are able to equip themselves with a persuasiveness, bargaining power, and perseverance that find their source in waves of power that flow from inside oneself, a strong gaze that originates from having a calm and kind look in one’s eyes, and latent appeal in quiet conversation and are essential for dealing with others, along with the studious desire that all students must have.

Praise for Gakushuin Graduates

Gakushuin students are said to be sophisticated, honest, kind, and trustworthy, and they receive great praise for this after they graduate and start working. And while they do tend to be thought of as lacking proactiveness or the ability to take action, this is not at all the case. Students currently at Gakushuin do not unduly make a lot of noise so at first glance they may not stand out, yet once they make a statement or embark on an action I believe their momentum comes to the fore and they will outstrip their counterparts.

Honesty First

In an atmosphere of freedom, students and children at Gakushuin have the determined spirit of humanity and place importance on small matters without getting hung up on them, yet place importance on acting on the basis of a broad perspective. They do not do wrong by or hurt other people. They have always been taught to think from the perspective of others, and to treat the happiness of others as joy for oneself. The foundation of their daily life is honesty first, and never telling lies.

An Abundance of Nature on Campus

Despite the fact that the Gakushuin Primary School Yotsuya Campus, the Gakushuin Girls' Junior & Senior High School Toyama Campus, and the Gakushuin Kindergarten, Junior & Senior High School, and University Mejiro Campus are all within the Yamanote line (a train line that forms a loop around central Tokyo), these places boast a surprising amount of greenery. There are a total of more than 500 trees (including cherry blossom trees) on these campuses, and it is said that the Mejiro Campus is home to one third of all the trees in Tokyo’s Toshima Ward. Breathing clean oxygen makes studying more effective and also cleanses the body, so we hope you have a joyful student life in this wonderful environment.

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