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School guide

This page introduces Gakushuin’s affiliate schools.

School guide


The University was established in 1949. The first president Yoshishige Abe emphasized to Gakushuin students the importance of having a sense of responsibility and to take pride in being a “spiritually” chosen person. Today, the University has 4 faculties with 17 departments as well as graduate schools and professional graduate schools.

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Women’s College

The Women’s College changed from being a junior college to a four-year college in 1998 and has its own “Faculty of Intercultural Studies.” To encourage studying overseas, the College has adopted the semester course curriculum for all classes in addition to also fostering experts in international cultural interaction who will play active roles at home and abroad.

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Boys’ Senior High School

To meet the interests and career paths of each of our students, the school has adopted small-size classes while increasing the proportion of elective classes. Because students from overseas are regularly enrolled in the Boys’ Senior High School, our students are exposed to a wide variety of international perspectives.

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Boys’ Junior High School

The school gives guidance to enable our students to discipline their minds, strengthen their bodies and assume a responsible outlook during this three-year period in which they show significant mental and physical development. Boys’ Junior High School has high-quality educational assets ranging from academic facilities to sports equipment to enhance the ability of our boys to “think.”

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Girls’ Junior and Senior High School

Tracing back its origins to the Peeresses’ School founded in 1885, the school made a fresh new start as a private school in 1947 to instill female students with appropriate noble character and intellectual capabilities in a way that goes with the times. The schools provide an integrated education from junior to senior high school and are filled with an energetic and free-spirited atmosphere.

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Primary School

In recognizing that the six years of primary school life play an important role in forming personal characters, the school promotes small-size class education to improve academic achievement and enhance close interaction between teachers and pupils. The Primary School has begun to assign specialist teachers and is characterized by its finely-textured education programmes.

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Under our integrated education philosophy from kindergarten to university, the Kindergarten gives appropriate guidance to children’s early development through close interaction with each child, recognizing that kindergarten is a starting point for developing personal character. The school is surrounded by greenery and provides a safe and appropriate environment for education.

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