Andrew Fitzsimons
Irish Literature; Poetry; Film Studies

I received my B.A. and PhD from Trinity College Dublin. From 2000, I was Visiting Professor in British Studies at the University of Tokyo, and since 2005 I have been teaching at Gakushuin University, where I am now a Professor of English.

My main areas of specialization are Irish literature, particularly Yeats, Joyce and Beckett; and Contemporary Irish Poetry, especially the work of Thomas Kinsella, Seamus Heaney and Paul Muldoon. I have written on Contemporary British Poetry, and have a special interest in Poetry in Translation, particularly Italian poetry: Giacomo Leopardi, Eugenio Montale and Giuseppe Ungaretti. I am also interested in Film Studies, the study of Film Genre, and the Film adaptation of literary works. I have a strong interest in Academic Writing, especially the preparation and writing of theses.

My publications include “‘What Wretches Feel’: Lear, Edgar, and Samuel Beckett’s Worstward Ho.” Shakespearean International Yearbook (2007); The Sea of Disappointment: Thomas Kinsella’s Pursuit of the Real (UCD Press, 2008); ‘Let the fall begin: Thomas Kinsellafs European Dimension.’ Irish Studies Review Vol. 16, Issue 3 (Summer 2008): 267- 281; Thomas Kinsella: Prose Occasions 1951-2006, ed. (Carcanet, 2009); Reprinted in Contemporary Literary Criticism Vol. 274, ed. Jeffrey W. Hunter (Detroit: Gale, 2009): 172-183; ‘What are Poets For?’ Japan Mission Journal (2011); ‘What are Poets for?’ Japan Mission Journal Vol. 65, No. 2 (Summer 2011): 75-79; “‘Blessed William Skullbullet’: Blake, Thomas Kinsella and Digital Humanities.” Kanto Review of English Literature (2012); What the Sky Arranges (Isobar Press, 2013); ‘Mundus et Infans: the After-time of the Child in the Poetry of Seamus Heaney.’ Journal of English Language and Literature (English Language and Literature Association of Korea) Vol. 60 No.4 (December 2014): 577-95; A Fire in the Head (Isobar Press, 2014).