Hal Tasaki

Professor, Department of Physics, Gakushuin University

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[Hal smiling] fields of interest: Theoretical Physics, Mathematical Physics, Statistical Physics

mailing address: Department of Physics, Gakushuin University, 171-8588, JAPAN

phone: 81-3-5992-1107 (Faculty of Science)

fax: 81-3-5992-1029 (Faculty of Science)

e-mail: hal.tasaki@gakushuin.ac.jp

Research topics August 17, 1997
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[heading] Research Topics

[Hal making a speach] One of the aims of physics is to elicit "universal" properties from the world we observe (in various manners), and truly "understand" them. I have been mostly interested in various physical problems in which many (or infinitely many) degrees of freedom generate nontrivial physics, and worked on problems from such fields as statistical physics, condensed matter physics, and field theories. I have been trying to prove mathematically rigorous results which are at the same time important and enlightening from physicists' point of view.

Main topics and their detais follow. There is also a list of selected publications.
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Hal Tasaki
Department of Physics, Gakushuin Univeristy
Tokyo, Japan


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