Faculty Members

Professor Hirooki Hosaka

[Research interests]
Archival science, archival education

March 1985: BA, Department of History, Faculty of Letters, Gakushuin University
March 1989: MA, Graduate School of Humanities, Gakushuin University

April 1989: Assistant Researcher, Gakushuin University Museum of History
April 1994: Full-time Lecturer, Faculty of Cultural Information Resources, Surugadai University
April 1998: Associate Professor, Faculty of Cultural Information Resources, Surugadai University
April 2005: Professor, Faculty of Cultural Information Resources, Surugadai University
April 2008: Professor, Graduate Course in Archival Science, Graduate School of Humanities, Gakushuin University

[Academic societies]
-Corresponding Member, International Council on Archives, Section for Archival Education and Trainings (ICA-SAE; 2004- Present)
-Member, Subcommittee SC11, Archives/Records Management, International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO/TC46/SC11; National Committee; 2008- Present)

Mibunteki Shuen [Fringe Social Positions] (Buraku Mondai Kenkyujo, May 1994; co-author)
Minkan ni Ikiru Shukyosha [Religious People Living in the Private Sector] (Yoshikawa Kobunkan, June 2000; co-author)
Nihon no Akaibuzu-ron [Japanese Archive Theory] (Iwata Shoin, March 2003; co-editor)
Akaibuzu no Kagaku, Jokan/Gekan [Archival Science, Vols. 1 and 2.] (Kashiwashobo, October 2003; co-author)

"Kinsei Nihon no Kiroku/Shiryo no Kanri [Recent Management of Archive Records in Japan]" (Journal of Historical Studies, No. 703, October 1997)
"Denshi Mokuroku to Kokusai Hyojun no Shiso [Thoughts on Electronic Cataloging and International Standards]" (Journal of Historical Reviews, No. 594, October 1999)
"Akaibuzu-gaku Kyoiku no Shishin ni kan suru Kiso-teki Kosatsu [A Basic Study on the Guidelines for Graduate Programs in Archival Science]" (Bulletin of the Faculty of Cultural Information Resources, Vol. 11, No. 1, June 2004)
"Nihon Akaibuzu Gakkai: JSAS no Setsuritsu ni Tsuite [The Japanese Society for Archival Science: Establishment of the JSAS]" (Archives, No. 17, December 2004)
"Akaibaru Dibaido o Koeru: ICA Dai 15 Kai Taikai kara no Meseji [Crossing the Archival Divide: Messages from the 15th ICA Convention]" (Journal of the Japanese Society for Archival Science, No. 2, March 2005)
"Nihon ni Okeru Daigakuin Akaibuzu-gaku Kyoiku no Kaishi to sono Kadai [The Beginning of Graduate School Archival Science Education in Japan and its Challenges]" (Archives, No. 34, National Archives of Japan, 2008)

[Message for the students]
"The past" which we seek to clarify at all costs, "the present" which we always want to value, and "the future" which we wish to create. I think that people who hold at least one of these principles to heart, not to say all three, would choose to study archival science. I believe that one must stand up to face many realities - the reality of war, work done in earnest, a society filled with children's hope, and much more. Can it not be said that the creation of "archives" is one of the realistic steps in facing these situations with honesty?
We do not have the ability to master these steps yet. However, cooperating with the students as well as many other sectors, we want to develop archival science with rich diversity and build a foundation of "archives culture."