Faculty Members

Professor Fusaji Takeuchi

[Research interest]
Records and manuscripts studies

March 1981 : B. Litt., Department of Oriental History, Faculty of Letters, University of Tokyo
March 1983 : MA, Graduate School of Humanities and Sciences, University of Tokyo
March 1985 : Partially completed the doctoral course, Graduate School of Humanities and Sciences, University of Tokyo

April 1985 : Full-time lecturer, Faculty of Humanities, Kochi University
April 1989 : Associate professor, Faculty of Humanities, Kochi University
April 1990 : Associate professor, Faculty of Letters, Gakushuin University
April 2001 : Professor, Faculty of Letters, Gakushuin University

"Seinan Shosu Minzoku: Doshi Seido to sono Hokai Katei o Megutte [Southwestern Minority Groups: the Judiciary System and its Process of Decline]" (Fundamental Problems in Ming and Qing History, Kyuko Shoin, October 1997)
"Shin-matsu Shukyo Kessha to Minshu Undo: Seirenkyo Ryu Gijun Ha o Chushin ni [Late Qing Religious Associations and Popular Movements: Focusing on the Blue Lotus Movement]" (Perspectives on Chinese Folk History: New Sinology History Edition, Toho Shoten, March 1998)
"Chuka Bunmei to `Shosu Minzoku' [Chinese Civilization and `Minority Groups']" (Iwanami World History Course, Volume 28: Universalism and Pluralism, Iwanami Shoten, January 2000)
"Shin-dai Seinan no Minzoku Mondai: Minzoku Chiku e no Iju Seisaku o Chushin ni [The Problem of Ethnic Groups in the Southwestern Qing Dynasty: Focusing on Migration Policies to Ethnic Minority Areas]" (Ethnic Groups on the Move: Migration and Ethnicity in South China, Heibonsha, February 2001)
"`Minzoku Zusetstu' no Seiritsu to sono Jidai: 19 Seki-sho, Bo Rin `Unnan Shujin Zusetsu' ni Miru Shipusonpanna no Henkyo Fukei [`Illustration of Ethnic Groups': Its Completion and Era: the Remote Landscape of Sipsongpanna Seen in Bo Lin's Illustrated People of Yunnan at the Beginning of the 19th Century]" (Ethnic Representation in China: Historical-Anthropological Research of the Southern Regions, Fukyosha, 2005)

[Message for the students]

I have experienced good services provided by various archives in China, Taiwan, Vietnam, and France. Nothing speaks more words than original records created in the past that are not yet interpreted. Such experience has been made possible thanks to the records preservation endeavor of archivists, who responded to people's aspiration to bring back past memories. Together with the students, I would like to construct the archival science through studying the archives and the works of archivists in Asian countries and regions including China.