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Faculty Members of the Department of English Language and Cultures

Faculty Member Title Research Areas
Tsutomu Uchida Professor 20th Century American Literature/American Cultural Theory
Nobuo Kamioka Professor Modern American Novels
Ken-ichi Takami Professor, Chair of the Department Syntax, Semantics
Heizo Nakajima Professor Theoretical Linguistics, Syntax and Semantics
Haruo Nakano Professor English Plays/Culture in the 16th and 17th centuries
Yasushi Mano Professor Modern English Literature, Culture
Junko Araki Associate Professor American History, American Studies
Chikage Tanabe Professor 19th Century American Literature
Yuichi Tomita Professor English education
Andrew Fitzsimons Professor Irish Literature; Poetry; Film Studies
Alison Stewart Professor Applied Linguistics, especially Language Acquisition Theories
Yuri Yoshino Associate Professor 18th and 19th Century British and Irish Literature