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Department of Psychology

Faculty members are specialists in cognitive psychology, learning psychology, social psychology, developmental psychology, clinical psychology and educational psychology. Through discussions in class and interaction with faculty members, students can experience the world of psychology firsthand, something that cannot be fully understood just by reading books.

Psychology seminars are compulsory courses for students in the 3rd year and higher. Four course-hour seminars are respectively offered in cognitive/learning psychology, social psychology, developmental/educational psychology, and clinical psychology. Students can obtain a high level of expertise in these seminars and may study each research topic in detail. Many students often decide the topic of their graduation thesis through the lectures in these seminars. In addition, because 3rd and 4th year students study together in these seminars, they become better acquainted with each other. They also have opportunities to closely interact with teachers, which they would not have in ordinary classes. Forming close relationships with other people is one of the benefits of these seminars.

Students in the Department of Psychology may have a wide range of interests, but our open-stack library has approximately 13,000 specialized books that fully cover all areas of psychology. Approximately 280 domestic and international magazines related to psychology are also subscribed to, and students have easy access to the latest information. The library and the adjacent reading room are equipped with personal computers so that students can use them to conduct research on databases such as PsychoInfo and PsychoAbstracts.

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