Course Introduction

Concept of the Curriculum

As qualification system is expected to be set up in the near future, although there is none at present in Japan, the master's course has a systematically organized curriculum that incorporates modules deemed as necessary to be qualified as professional archivists. In addition, the balance between theoretical and practical subjects has been taken into consideration (see figure below). Specifically, the course focuses on the main "core subjects" that are supported by "interdisciplinary subjects" and "applied subjects" and it requires the presentation of dissertations in the end. As shown in the figure below, there is a clear and systematic route to course completion.

Structure of the Curriculum of Graduate Course in Archival Science

The doctoral course aims to nurture world-class researchers who can further their archival science research while serving as educators in archival science. Hence, importance is attached to seminars for independent research and the main subjects (core subjects) are arranged to supplement it so that students can benefit from the educational opportunity in the extensive discipline of archival science, from basic theory to practical techniques. The course also provides archival practica for practical research.