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Graduate Course in Clinical Psychology

Since 2011, the Graduate Course in Clinical Psychology has been recognized by the Foundation of the Japanese Certification Board for Clinical Psychologists as a Class 1 Designated Graduate School for Training in Clinical Psychology. Training and practice are provided to graduates students at the Psychology Counseling Center affiliated with the Graduate School of Humanities (Gakushuin University Psychology Counseling Center).

This course has two aims: to develop practical skills as a clinical psychologist and to research topics related to clinical psychology. The weekly conference, participated in by all graduate students and staff, is regarded as one of the most important classes. At the conference, graduate students introduce clinical cases from the clinics and education counseling offices where they are receiving practical training, and faculty members and students in the case study group have a free discussion on them. Students receive practical training in understanding clinical cases here. In addition, it is a valuable opportunity for students to learn various clinical viewpoints from faculty members.

In addition, students learn theories on psychotherapy, the basic psychological interview process, how to conduct psychological tests, psychological interpretations, and practical methods of providing feedback, and based on their practical training they develop the basic attitude and fundamental skills needed to work as a clinical psychologist.

An advisory committee system has been set up that provides each student with three advisors when they write academic and scientific papers on clinical issues. Students are provided with many opportunities to make presentations on their research. They can also receive financial support from the department.

Most students who have completed the course become certified clinical psychologists and work as psychologists at educational counseling facilities, orphanages, mother-and-child support facilities, psycho-diagnosis medical departments, neurologist’s offices, general hospitals, and mental hospitals; or as school counselors, vocational counselors, and student counselors. Some graduates are employed as government employees and work as psychological experts.

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