Hal Tasaki "A Modern Introduction to Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics"

July 2023
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This is a full-fledged introductory lecture on nonequilibrium statistical mechanics, targeting graduate and motivated undergraduate students in physics. It is based on my lectures at Gakushuin University in 2021 and 2023.

The lecture aims to present the fundamental concepts and results of nonequilibrium statistical mechanics from a "modern" perspective, striving to convey them as clearly as possible. For example, the lecture starts with the Jarzynski equality and the "fluctuation theorem", and concludes with Einstein's theory of Brownian motion. This is strictly the opposite of typical lectures or textbooks. But I believe our approach is logically straightforward, and I hope it is easily understandable. Please note that the focus is purely on theory (or rather, mathematical aspects), and applications are not discussed. (Sorry!) Please refer to the orientation ( YouTube (09:54)) for more details.

There is a Japanese version of the same course.

YouTube Playlist of the course (29 videos)

Lecture videos and slides

Orientation (slides, pdf 450kB)
Part 0: Introduction (slides, pdf 1.4MB)
Part 1: Foundation (slides, pdf 8.5MB)
Part 2: Abstract theory (slides, pdf 10MB, revised: July 26, 2023)
Part 3: Nonequilibrium processes in an equilibrium environment (slides, pdf 4.9MB)
Part 4: Nonequilibrium states and processes in nonequilibrium environments (slides, pdf 8.2MB)
Part 5: The theory of Brownian motion (slides, pdf 4.6MB)
Problems (pdf 1.7MB)

Hal Tasaki
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